Spending time with the new ladies

My Turbulent Miss is still quite stand offish. It isn't that she doesn't want to be pampered; she is afraid. There is something very sad about her eyes and whole demeanor. I had been thinking she has had a big heartbreak, probably had been handled roughly and maybe even abused somewhere along the line. I thought that but never said anything out loud.

The other day, Cassidy came down from the barn and said Miss acts like she has been abused. I think she has had a close bond with a human before, though. Maybe that's where her heartbreak came in. She'll come around.

Taba is a lot like Mims… she knows who she is and isn't afraid to remind us lowly humans that she is a champion. Oh, she is easy to handle and work around but she has a very royal air about her. She responds to love with a look that says. "Of course, you know I could be charging you a grooming fee, don't you?"

Iza Valentine is a hoot. She REALLY likes games. It is almost like she is playing tag sometimes. She comes close, offering her halter to the lead rope but before I can hook her, she runs off with a happy dance. She has given me several hugs and I think she is genuinely happy.

Jamra has made it quite clear that Cassidy is the human of her choice. She lets Cassidy "catch" her on a regular basis but if I try she runs away. Oh, she has given us a few breathtaking sights as she rears to full height on the top of the rise.

Exactly So acts like she was born here. She even comes when called. She is by far the friendliest of the group and has helped me win over the others. I have contacted several Irish horse agencies and heard from one… they pointed me in the direction of Weatherbys Ireland, saying that these people might be able to help locate Exactly's past.

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