Southside’s Second Graders!!!!!

On Thursday, May 27th, we hosted our FIRST EVER field trip! Southside Elementary School's (Harrison County, KY) second graders came to see the ladies. We had the bus park in our tenants driveway as I doubt a school bus could navigate my driveway.

Pete was waiting with the truck hooked to a straw laden trailer. It took two trips but soon enough all the children and teachers were gracing the barn aisle and ready to meet the ladies. Elaine was on hand to help.

YOU SHOULD HAVE SEEN THE LOOK ON TIMELESS SUE'S FACE when she saw all those kids! She had her, "I'm not going to gripe about this but you know I find this highly irregular" look. Her facial expression were a hoot all day long.

I'm proud to say that all the ladies behaved perfectly and the kids did too!!!!

I have to share something a little girl said. She saw the barn cat TOO BAD and told me she was very allergic and said I should put the cat 'away" from her. I told her there was no way I could do that and cautioned her to stay away from the cats. Five minutes later she was hugging that cat! I questioned why: "I thought you said you were allergic?"

Her reply? "I am! That's why I wanted you to put it away somewhere. I can't help myself!" I sure hope she doesn't regret that cuddle.

It was a great day.

Later that afternoon we had another set of visitors. Becky and Michael Pietras came by to see the ladies. Becky tell me she reads this blog! Geez I have heard that from more than one person lately. I honestly didn't know people read this.

This week has been a tough one. Loss and merry making all rolled into it. We also changed the mares from their winter routine to their summr program. Now, instead of being in their stalls at night and grazing during the day, we will do the opposite. The ladies will be out at night and inside, out of the heat, during the warmest part of the day.

Let me tell you, NO ONE is happy about this.  I have been cussed at and frowned upon by every lady! I think Sue even fired me again. I hope they get used to it quickly. I harte it when they are mad at me.

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  1. Jeanne – a belated thank you for your hospitality in letting us visit the ladies. We really enjoyed our visit and hope to come back soon. You have done such an excellent job in caring for these animals – your commitment is beyond words. They are beautiful.



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