I want to tell you all about a perfectly WONDERFUL event that has happened over the last week.

Last Tuesday I received a phone call from a reporter of the Cynthiana Democrat, a local paper. She was asking about a fundraiser being done at SOUTHSIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL in Cythiana, KY. I had no idea what she was talking about. She explained that the students and staff of Southside were raising money for the Haven!

For background you should know that I used to teach creative writing to fourth graders at that school and always visit Ms. Dava Rice's (a FOB by the way) second grade class during the week before the Derby. We talk about horse rescue, the Ladies and Derby and Oak contenders.

Anyway, the school committee wanted to do something special for the ladies as a community service project. They created 20 wooden horses that stand about a foot high. Each class room and the office staff decorated a horse and these wonders are being auctioned off with a silent auction at the school! Some of the horses are bidded over $100 already!

I will try to post photos but OH MY, you should see these! each is SO different and absolutely beautiful. One, called INSPIRATION, has pictures of the ladies on it, with Mims head fitting perfectly in place on the wooden head.

All are named and incredible.

My heart just explodes when I think about all those children working hard for the ladies. I just can't get over it!

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