Some thoughts about Eight Belles

Last night, I lay there unable to sleep thinking about Eight Belles. I thought about her prancing back to the barn the other day and when someone said, "That's Eight Belles," how her eyes twinkled. She loved being in the limelight. She knew she was special.

Then I thought about her in relationship to my ladies. Many of them were very famous, too. Both Our Mims and Taba were CHAMPIONS. Many of the others were outstanding race horses. I also thought about My Juliet, 1976 Sprint Champion who ran against the boys and beat Bold Forbes.

Most of these fine old ladies suffered such indignities as they aged. I can still feel their sorrow as their last owner talked about the disappointment they were as broodmares. It didn't matter if the mare produced several fine running foals. It was only the last year or so that mattered.

Once they were old, nothing they did in the past mattered. The betrayal from the humans as they were cast aside with no further thought, some left to forage for food without even decent hay to eat. The weight they carried in their hearts was greater than any they ever carrried in a race.

I am not saying all my ladies suffered so but enough of them did so I can say the odds of her being ridiculed later are greater than 50/50.

So I thought about that beautiful filly in all her pride… I will never have to see the look of sorrrow in her eyes or even hear that someone is disappointed in her. SHE will never feel that betrayal.

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