Six Years Ago Today

Six years ago today, Our Mims, 1977 three year old filly champion passed away. In my heart, it feels like just yesterday. On the other hand, it seems like I haven't seen her for a million years. You would have had to know her to understand how this one mare could change a human's life.

In the four years we spent together, she became my best friend. She was my teacher, my confidant and the very reason I got up each day. Mims was always there to listen to my troubles. If I was over reacting, she'd pin her ears, if I was sad, she offered hugs. She was everything a friend should be.

I remember the day I broke my leg at the barn. I was trying to get back to the house but couldn't walk. I hopped a few steps and rested, in so much pain I was crying. Mims came up, sniffed me up and down and offered me her shoulders. I slung my arm over her back and she began walking. My friend very literally carried me to the back yard gate.

Soon after Mims passed, Cheryl sent me a MARY FAHL CD because a song on it reminded her of Mims. The song is called Going Home. It fits Mims and all the ladies in such a deep way.

It's beautiful. At this very moment I fully belive it was written for Mims and our ladies.

Anyway, eat a few peppermints today in honor of a great mare. Eat a few more for how hard she tried to change the world after she was rescued. And give some thought to the ladies out there in the world who may not have all they need.

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