HELLO to Mrs. Rice's Class! And to all of the awesome students at Southside! I bet by now you are KNEE DEEP in horse history.  If you love horses as much as I do, it is a great month to be in school, huh?

All the "LADIES" here at Our Mims Retirement Haven are happy and healthy. The new Spring grass is doing wonders for them…even a bit TOO MUCH for horses like Missy White Oak and Trail Guide…they are F-A-T, FAT! Even Cruella is getting heavy! Cruella is 30 years old. She is 17 hands tall and weighs almost 1300 pounds!

Timeless Sue is our oldest horse. She is 33 years old this year. You should see her! She looks great. Keeping a horse looking good, no matter how old they are, isn't easy. A person has to keep the horse on the proper diet just for them. The horse needs dental work, farrier work and veternarian visits regularly. Just like you need to see the dentist, the doctor and eat well to stay healthy. Timeless Sue gets everything she needs, too.

I bet most of you know we have young horses here, too. They are not part of OMRH; They are used for riding. Most of them will get very sick if we let them eat all the grass they would like to so we have to keep them in a field called a DRY LOT. This is a pasture with little or no grass. Some horses are always in danger of getting an illness called LAMIMITIS. It is also called FOUNDER. The disease settles in their hooves making it very hard, if not impossible, to walk. Have you ever heard the old saying, "NO HOOF, NO HORSE?"  That means a horse has to be able to stand up and walk to be able to stay alive. We are very careful with our ponies and fat ladies.

I hope I have the honor of meeting with all of you. I very much want to hear who your favorite athletes are in the Oaks and the Derby!

Much love and admiration to Mrs. Rice!

Mrs. Mirabito


  1. Happy Birthday dear Timeless Sue!!!!

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