Seasons Greetings from the Haven Herd

Our Ladies and Gentlemen at Our Mims Retirement Haven have traveled many miles and acquired vast knowledge in their long lives.
During this season of giving, they want to share with you the secret to happiness.

Our current barn boss, Blue Viking, wishes you the gift of power. She says to listen, to watch and to always remember successful leaders guide the herd with love, not tyranny. And, oh, being a loved leader is the most rewarding job in the world.

Missy White Oak says to speak clearly and to carry a big stick. It’s important to lay out the rules for proper herd behavior. A herd is a family and we all need to work together in order to prosper. Proper herd etiquette is needed to maintain the vitality of the family.

Elmhurst wants you to know that Karma is real. If you treat others with kindness, that will be returned to you. But if you bite, kick at, or otherwise harass people in your path, you will regret the outcome. This is especially important around mares and women of other species. They have the power to make your life uncomfortable.

Exciting Bucket says not to listen to Elmhurst. He isn’t getting anything he doesn’t deserve. But she echoes his advice. Your actions matter.

Dogwood Patty reminds you to laugh, to dance in the rain and to always stand behind your friends.

Ms . Royal Flagship wants you all to walk proud. Your inner beauty shines out through your eyes and brings warmth to those around you.

Trail Guide gives the gift of friendship. Be a friend and accept the friendship of others. A quiet life of love has more to offer than the excitement of constant drama.

Play Book wants you to run wildly about on a regular basis. Don’t let the mundane squelch your playfulness. WILLY-NILLY, WILLY-NILLY!!!

Tea Biscuit says to leap with joy, dance among the stars and remember you are as big or as small as you think you are.

Braggin Rights says it’s okay to be spontaneous. Don’t ever let anyone know what your next move might be. It’s fun to see the looks on other people’s faces when you take them by surprise.

The Hoodlums remind us that it’s okay to take a back seat to someone else in need. It’s more important that the whole herd is strong. Your community can not be safe and solid if someone amongst you suffers.

Jo Jo Gypsy says never to give up. No matter how tough life can get, somewhere out there is a little red haired girl waiting to love you.

Kidnap Katie wants you all to know that there are Angels everywhere. They usually wear muck boots and carry carrots. She says it’s important to know no one is ever alone.

From all of us, in this world and beyond… May you live your life with an invincible spirit, free as the wind and anchored in love.

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  1. Love this Jeanne! It speaks volumes for the whole world around us. You and everyone at the Haven are so special. I’m proud to call you “My Friend”.

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