Saying goodbye to the “little ladies”

Darla & Peggy on July 11, 2008

In June of 2006, an old pony and her middle aged daughter arrived at OMRH. Peggy and Darla have been known as "the little ladies." These two lovely little ones have charmed us with their wit and tenaciousness. As happens with old horses, their time eventually runs out. Between the chronic founder, her gastric problems and her stifle damage, Darla has suffered immensely through the last couple months… so I have made a decision that her time on this earth should come to an end. The quality of life is no longer there for this dear one. I cry every time I see her valiantly try to walk and lately, she doesn't even bother to come out of her stall. She just lays there all day, all night.

It has always been my understanding that mother, Peggy, and daughter, Darla, were seperated only very breifly in their lives. Certainly, while they have been here, they are NEVER more than a few feet apart. Peggy's health has also declined. We know she is at least 32 years old but suspect she may be older. Her coffin bones are completely rotated. We are no longer able to trim her little hooves because of the extent of pain she suffers when we do. We all feel Peggy is in her last fews months of life. She has developed an oily coat, is depressed and much slower than even last month. I can not justify making her live through the grief of losing her daughter and best friend only to die next month or the month after.

So, on Friday morning, we will say goodbye to both of our little ladies. I have explained to my vet that neither should see the other die before her; he agrees so we will euthanize at the same moment. Neither will live a single second without the other. Bless his old heart, my vet tears up when he thinks of what we will do. He says it is the kindest act he has seen in quite some time.

We will bury Peggy and Darla as they lived, together. They grazed side by side Darla's whole life. I will not seperate them now.

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