RIP Sweet, FUNNY Jamra

Our beloved, funny Jamra passed away at about 3 this afternoon. I found her caught in a fence this morning. She sustained an injury that caused her left hind leg severe nerve damage and was unable to stand for more than a few minutes at a time. Finally, this afternoon, she colicked and we had to have her euthanized. She will be buried in the morning.

Jamra (Ice Capade ~ Kankakee Miss — Full sister to Clever Trick) was born on May 29, 1981. She was sent to England and was a winner at age 2 and 3 in the UK with career earnings of $6,831. She is dam of 8 foals including Feisty Ice (1987, Fit To Fight), Senor Appeal (1988, El Gran Senor), Ice The Champagne (1989, El Gran Senor), Deana Lee (1995, Shadeed), Caddo (2000, Is It True), Jammin Corwyn (2002, Corwyn).

Jamra arrived at OMRH with Iza Valentine in November of 2004. They were best friends.

Jamra was the class clown. If there was a trick she could play, be it letting herself out of the stall at inopportune moments or rolling in mud just before guests arrive, you could count on her. She nodded her head when asked a question, flinged her mash all over her walls and door, and never failed to make us laugh with a roll of her eyes at precisely the right moment.

One if my favorite memories…

Once, Jamra had me stopped cold in my tracks. It was a foggy morning just before dawn. I stepped outside into an eerie silence. No birds twittering, no coyotes howling, just dead silence. I pulled my jacket closer around myself and walked through the back yard, opened the gate and stepped into the pasture.

It was then that I heard a strange noise from the equine cemetery. I turned in that direction. A white shape was rising off of Taba’s grave! The Taba ghost was walking towards me!!!! And I had no pears, Taba’s favorite treat!

Well, you can imagine, me standing there in the cold morning fog, heart pounding thinking the worst. I wanted to run but figured if I couldn’t out run Taba while she was alive I certainly couldn’t in the afterlife. I squeezed my eyes shut telling myself it wasn’t real. The Taba ghost nickered, JUST LIKE THE REAL TABA! Ok, I thought, Just tell her how much you’ve missed her. I opened my eyes to say just that and standing directly in front of me was Jamra… she rolled her eyes, snorted snot in my face and danced away.

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