RIP Little Miss Porter

It is with great sadness that I must tell of the passing of our lovely mare, Little Miss Porter.

As you all know, Porter's health has been in decline for a year. Recently, she stopped eating and over the past few months, she repeated a pattern of eating just enough to stay alive or not eating at all.

Last week, I was forced to make a decision. While Porter wasn't in any pain, it was obvious that there was no quality left to her life. She became weaker by the day, spent most of her time alone, just hanging her head.

There was nothing left, not in her eyes, not in her heart.

So we said good bye today, just after lunch time.

Godspeed, Porter, you are loved. See you on the other side.

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  1. Porter lived a great life at the Haven and she was loved and cared for by one of the best women I know. She wanted for nothing, except something that a human couldn’t give. She knew she wanted to go but couldn’t tell us why. You gave her the one wish that she, for some reason, wanted you to give her. And she patiently waited through the weather until now. Jeanne, she looked at me and said something because she wouldn’t look at you. She didn’t want to break your heart. By looking at you she was acknowledeging that she wanted to leave now but she just didn’t want to leave you. You are the glue that holds that herd together. You are the constant. You are the one who continues to grieve after the others have left the grave. You are the one that stands above ground to guard the memories. Little Miss Porter knows, even now, that you will protect her memory.

    Jeanne, you did the right thing for the right reason. She will always be with you. Remember all the good. Tuck the bad into a little box and squirrel it away.

    The rest of the Ladies, Elmo and the rest of the Hoodlums will get you through the loss but Porter will be there to watch over you and the Haven, just like the rest of the Heavenly Herd does. I’m thinking of you and the Haven.

  2. Mrs. Jeanne It’s Charla I wanted to say thank you for letting my mom and I come ride and that our meeting ms.porter was a wonderful experienceand she will be held close to our hearts. She is in a better place and we will all see her again when we are all healthy and happy in our lords fields .

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