Remembering Princess Royale

I stood watching as the last rays of sunshine touched our Princess’ coat at noontime today and couldn’t help but reflect on the past nine years with her.

I remember when she arrived here, so unsure of what would be expected of her. She was scared but calmly asked for asylum.

I remember how she delighted, then and up till her last day, in her well-bedded stall.

I remember how much she enjoyed her “double bubble” bath, always wanting a second suds before rinsing.

But most of all, I remember how incredibly sweet and kind the Princess always was. Without fail. Always, to everyone.

A true Princess.

My heart hurts tonight but I know, with certainty, the Princess grew tired of her failing body.

We loved her enough to let her go. May she run with the wind, fast and free. May she find our Heavenly Herd and deliver our messages. And may she be waiting when it is my time to go.

Now, we look to the afterward. We will pay special attention to our grieving herd, especially to 28 year old, Trail Guide, her best friend. I ask for prayers for those left behind.

Last check this evening: Trail Guide is grazing near the cemetery but walks quickly away from me; not unusual, considering. Brags is close at her side. The others also graze by the cemetery fence, Elmhurst especially. He leans against the fence refusing to walk too far away. Kind of surprises me since he always picked on the Princess.

But, then again, he grieved the hardest over Bel, too.

Princess Royale by Candice Chavez

Princess Royale by Candice Chavez

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  1. God Has Blessed you Jeanne, with love and care for your ladies and Elmhurst. Although, when they leave you and take a piece of you with them, they leave a piece of themselves in your heart, for you to remember them. I feel your loss and I truly believe they will wait to see you again when you leave your earthly home. It is with love for what you do that I say Rest In Peace Princess Royal, and I am sending prayers and healing white light to Trail Guide to comfort her and you.

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