Downtown Dentistry (Paris, KY) Sponsors Equine Retirement Fund

Our Mims Retirement Haven has joined forces with Dr. Anna Newman of Downtown Dentistry of Paris, Kentucky, to provide dental care to the community in exchange for donations to OMRH.

Dr. Newman is dedicated to her work and believes everyone should be proud of their smile. Donations to the Haven can include hay, feed, supplies, equipment, money, or work exchange. OMRH is a 501(c)3 IRS recognized non-profit, and donations may be tax deductible. Dr. Newman’s office has been in Paris for 20 years. Downtown Dentistry is a full-service dental facility, offering a wide range of products and services.

Our Mims Retirement Haven is named for Calumet’s 1977 Three-Year-Old Eclipse Champion Our Mims and has been located in Paris since its inception in 2006. The Haven provides humane end of life care for Thoroughbred broodmares. The cost to care for each Haven’s lady (mare) averages $2,500, and OMRH provides fourteen stalls. The Haven is Paris/Bourbon County’s Outstanding Farm of the Year, an award given by the Paris Tourism Board. OMRH relies and depends on community support and involvement to care for its retired equine population.

“Dr. Newman has given me the smile I have always wanted,” remarked Jeanne Mirabito, owner and manager at the Haven. “She is amazing!”

“What a wonderful way to give to the community and the Haven,” said Cheryl Bellucci, Director of Fund Raising and Promotion for OMRH. “Dr. Newman has so generously offered her services to help support our ladies.”

For more information on the dentistry program or to offer your donation, contact Jeanne Mirabito at 859-227-6304 or email with questions or if you would like to visit the Haven. The Haven is open for visitors by appointment.


Our Mims Retirement Haven
Jeanne Mirabito, Farm Owner and Manager

Cheryl Bellucci, Director of Fund Raising and Promotion