Really bad morning

Little Miss Porter got herself caught in the fence and is injured. Her right hind leg is very skinned. LOTS of pain, too. She will be on stall rest all bandaged up, on penicillian and bute for at least five days.

I made the ladies stay in their stalls and out of trouble all day. They were all pretty darn naughty this morning, RUNNING WILDLY ABOUT ON WET GRASS, trying to avoid getting caught so they could stay down near the stallion. That darn stallion would intervene with catcalls and hoots everytime I got anywhere near one of the ladies. It sounded like a construction site the way his potty mouth was going! They were dashing about, slipping and sliding. I was getting more and more worried. Porter was badly injured and I couldn't get anywhere NEAR her until I had everyone else in the barn…one does not catch Porter, one must wait for her to respond to the invitation to come into the barn.

After about 10 minutes, I had enough…I went to the barn and picked up an old training whip. (OK, you all know I'd never, in a million years, touch those ladies with the whip. I had planned on showing it to Dedier, the stallion, so he would stop calling them back to the fence. Um, I wouldn't use it on him either.) But I had it in my hand, not expecting the ladies to react at all. Why would they? THEY FROZE IN THEIR TRACKS WIDE EYED… then bolted to the barn like I had been telling them to do all along. Everybody but the Princess… remember I had been saying how sore her knee is/was? Not this morning. She was doing quarter horse moves, zipping and zapping. Pete finally caught her I heard him telling her as he walked her to the barn, "No more bute for you!"

I called our Wonder-Vet for instructions, Pete and I doctored Porter's leg and both headed off to work. I was two hours late.

I've been a wreck all day. Nothing is going right. I was almost rear-ended trying to turn left into the vet's driveway to pick up meds!!!! Here I am driving this little 2 door rental and an SUV came FLYING UP behind me. She slammed the brakes, I hit the gas and she barely missed me. THEN SHE MADE A MEAN FACE AT ME!

So, now I sit here debating whether to let anyone outside their stalls tonight…they are glaring at me like crazy. Porter can't go out at all. She'll need at leaset one buddy. I think it should be Princess.

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