Rain On Our Parade

OI!!!!! Just when you think everything is looking up, the sky opens up and dumps a ton of water on you!

Last Friday night (April 30) it began to rain. Not just drizzle, RAIN, in buckets, cats and dogs, tidal wave, over the top of the tall boots, torrential rain. It didn't stop until Sunday night. Roads all around our county and the surrounding counties were flooded and impassable. Schools were canceled, homes and businesses flooded, the whole bit. Last estimate of damage in the Kentucky was in the millions.

We were rather lucky. We had two stalls flooded and more damage to our already challenging driveway.

Ms. Flagship's stall had about four inches of standing water. This has happened to her stall before and we have not had a way to fix it, poor girl.

Smokies stall also flooded but not nearly as badly.

We finally have worked something out that will hopefully fix the problem. First, just yesterday, I bought a pick-up truck load of that teeny-tiny gravel. Elaine and I spent the afternoon shoveling the heavy stuff into stalls to repair the latest damage. Over half the load went into Flagship's stall, a quarter into Smokies' stall but we repaired holes in Timeless Sue's stall and Princess's, too.

I was quite surprised at how cheap that stuff is. A whole pick up truck load only cost $15.03. The money was cheap, the toll on my old body, not so much. LOL. Wow, I hurt today.

Sometime soon, hopefully as soon as it dries out enough, my boss (at my paying job) will send a work crew with a bob-cat thing to grade the area at the back of the barn. This SHOULD help so we do not have this problem again.

The Princess's leg looks awful. The staples didn't hold. We are now using amnion to help heal it. Trouble is we can't get any bandages to stay on the front of her hock. The lower part of the leg is healing well…

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