Rain, mud, chilled ladies and the adventures of farm life

Geez, it rained ALL DAY. There is standing water all over the pasture…standing water on MUD!!! It is hard to walk anywhere. BUT I managed to get our little tractor in and out of the barns for stall cleaning! I am so proud! I didn't fall, blow out a knee, sprain my back, ankle or any part of my body!!!! This is amazing!

The ladies are absolutley COVERED in mud…and I mean COVERED! They are all the same color! Saturday is suppose to be sunny and 55 degrees so I plan to bowrrow a couple coolers and do the unthinkable. EVERYONE will get a bath! That'll teach them! I usually don't bathe until 70 degrees but these girls are FILTHY! Something HAS to be done!

Smokies Love hasn't left her stall in four days. She is eating well and drinking water but just doesn't want to go out. I can accomadate and as long as she is still trying, I'll try.

I am having trouble getting straw delivered. NOW I REMEMBER WHY I GAVE UP ON STRAW! I called a guy 8 days ago who was suppose to bring me sixty bales. I've called EVERY DAY and still haven't gotten any. The stalls are pretty bare so I even offered to come get the stuff. He hasn't rerturned my calls. I talked with his girlfriend today. If that doesn't motivate him, I'll be calling his DAD! It's a small town…I can find everyone he knows and have them bug him!

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