Quiet Sunday Morning

It's a quiet morning out there. The rain yesterday washed the air clean of pollen and dust, nourished our dry pastures and gave the ladies, fresh from their baths, a good amount of mud to roll in.

I'm not expecting any visitors. Sadie may come by for a bit to help me get the ladies in for lunch but other than that, I'm not expecting any volunteers either. It has been SO LONG since I have had a quiet weekend! I'm not sure what to do! LOL!

The Princess has blown out her bad knee. I have been doing the furazone sweat thing and it is helping. I think she may just have to keep her leg wrapped for awhile. She doesn't mind, though. Good thing, too. The Princess rarely gets mad at me but when she does its obvious. Oh, she doesn't bite or kick, she PUSHES! She'll walk by and go out of her way just to bump me. It's especially fun for her if she can find me bent over so I end up in the dirt! Then, she laughs…yup, laughs! She shakes her head, eyes all a twinkle and hurries away swishing her tail.

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