Princess throws a tantrum

This morning the Princess Royale exerted her royal self and left the barn without her BLANKET! I was trying to get everyone bundled up. I went into Princess' stall but didn't latch the door. I took her blankey off the wall and attempted to place it on her back… but she wasn't there!

She was out talking to Iza. I went out in the barn aisle and said, "Come on, Dear. let's get covered up."

SHE FARTED AT ME AND LEFT THE BARN! I walked outside carrying that heavy blanket pleading with her to come back… She refused and kept on walking away. I gave up half way across the pasture.

Maybe she'll get cold and change her mind.

LATER IN THE DAY I don't know what the Princess's problem is but she is just plain irritated with me today! She won't even come over for TREATS! Not even carrots!!!! She is GLARING and farting at me and WON'T put on her blanket!

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