Prayers, please for our friend, James

Our friend James is ten years old. He comes to the Haven often with his parents and younger sister. James is an active boy with a heart bigger than most people. He adores the ladies, looks at them with loving eyes, knows all by name and most of their likes and dislikes.

James is very ill. Out of the Blue, late last week James started getting tired easily. Over the week end he had a bloody nose and began showing signs of great fatigue and bruising easily. His very alert Mom knew right away that something wasn't right with her active son. Immediately she took him to the family doctor who sent them straight away to UK Children's Hospital. Today James was diagnosed with Leukemia. Poor little buddy starts Chemo today and will be in the hospital for a month or more.

Please include James in your prayers. And ask Great Spirit to send Angels to hover around him, to heal him and to bring his family comfort.

James, his Mom and dad and little sister are great friends to the ladies and I. Its time for us to pray with all our hearts.

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