If you haven't guessed by now, OMRH has a new lady in the barn!. Trail Guide was born in 1987. She is by Our Native out of Trail Ride. As you may know, Smokies Love's stall has stood empty since her passing. We have 47 horses on our waiting list but Smokie was a sponsored horse. We had to put a sponsored horse in her stall as funding is scarce these days. I wasn't in any hurry anyway to fill her stall…I had a hard time witn her passing and dear Smokie had occupied that stall for over eight years! Even the thought of someone else's head peeking over that door was unbearable.

But, when Sarah Wells contacted me offering a donation AND another incentive, I agreed to take "Trail."

You see, Sarah offered the KENTUCKY BREEDER INCENTIVE FUNDS (KBIF) for Trail's last foal, named TRAIL TRICK, to the Haven. Since 13 of the fourteen of Trail's previous foals raced and are winners, this could be some good $$$$, Trail Trick, number 15, isn't even broke yet, she is just a yearling, so we are betting she'll be great! She should enter into training in February…she already has a fan club!

Anyway, Trail Guide traveled very well over to OMRH. She immediately fit in and GUESS WHAT???!!! She buddied up with THE PRINCESS!!!!! Princess hasn't had a buddy here! Even though she has been here for YEARS!

Trail Guide settled into her stall this evening like she has been here for MONTHS! All is quiet in the barn.

I'm exhausted…

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