I apoligize for not updating sooner…The past few days have been a whirlwind of activities. I have had one of the most wonderful weekends ever!

First, let's update on Smokies Love…SHE IS DOING FANTASTIC! She hardly spins at all, her gait is so much straighter and she is very bright eyed…yup, folks, looks like our dear old friend has defied death once again. I am not saying she is out of the woods but I can't believe how far she has come!

Tell you what…I began seeing a difference in her the very afternoon our own FOB, Mary, began doing Healing Touch on her. The day after Smokies' last treatment, Smokie was so very bright eyed it was stunning. This is an awesome gift from Mary and I thank her.

My other news…I was honored to have one of my most cherished friends spend a few days with us. Laura arrived Friday evening and left this morning. You have to know the complete story to understand how special she is to me. We got to know each other because while she was caring for  a most remarkable TB mare named AnnieBlue, I had Our Mims. Now, I have met many fine people through Mims, but I do not think there is anyone I admire more than this wonderful lady. She is just about the kindest person I know. Through our old horses we developed a friendship. Just so everyone knows, Laura has helped more rescues and sanctuaries than most people even dream about helping. She has been a faithful supporter of Old Friends from the very beginning as well as OMRH's biggest contributor. But there is more to her than that. She ALWAYS seems to know when I need emotional support. If I am down and feeling blue, I'll get an email from her. When she knows we have an sick lady, I can actually FEEL her support from across the miles.

And, as the vet, Pam and I stood next to Iza Valentine as she drew her last breaths I could actually feel Laura's presence…

Her emotional support is as important to me as the sun and moon in the sky.

Ok, so on to other news..We had MANY visitors on Friday. I'd like to send out a special hello to the 4-H group from Boise, Idaho who came to see the ladies. These high school students were so wonderful! It warms my heart to see such fine, knowlegable young people dedicated to our beloved equines. I am less worried about the future after meeting them.

We also had a visit from members of BETA SIGMA PHI XI BETA BETA chapter. OH! MY! Last month, I was honored to be able to speak at a meeting of theirs and the ladies now have a few more dedicated friends.

So, tonight, my friends, I am on CLOUD NINE. My heart nearly explodes with happiness. Smokie is feeling better, I spent the weekend in outstanding company and life is so sweet I almost can't believe it is real.

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