Notes from the artic

GEEZ LOUISE, it is COLD! The pipes in the main barn are frozen. We are hauling water, bucket by bucket, to fill the ladies trough. We could, I suppose, get enough hose to reach from one barn to the other but said hoses will need to be drained after each use. I am tired of winter.

The ladies are well. Iza's appetite has returned. I have a feeling she doesn't want our vet back out here. Apparently it is unpleasent to have a hose stuck up your nose, into your stomach and to be pumped full of oil. She was not at all happy with the event. That'll teach her to break our "eat your dinner" rule.

Smokies' leg has healed…then she got it stuck in the belly strap of her new blanket again! I found her hopping around on three legs just minutes after letting her out the other day.She looked quite embarrassed. We have temporarily gone back to her old blanket until I can figure out how she is getting hung up.

 AFTER THE FINISH LINE has provided us with the funds for both January and February for FLEXTRA for both Princess and 'Bama. This new medicine appears to be helping our Princess. While she is not out of the woods, we see enough improvement to continue with it. She is brighter eyed and less lame.  It sure is helping 'Bama! She trots with much more ease than two months ago. Before long she may just be able to keep up with Hana in the monster run!

The Princess is still mad at Barhopper…who, by the look on his face, is still not sorry. He sticks his head over her door and just looks at her. He may be in love…or just obnoxious.

Lotka and hoodlum, Whitney Rose, are CONSTANTLY talking smack. It's awful the way they cuss at each other. The trash talk in the barn is down-right raunchy. And the threats of violence, biting and kicking at each other, is out of hand. As soon as it warms up, Whitney is going back to hoodlum field!

Turning thirty hasn't bothered Timeless Sue one little bit. She still acts like a ten year old…looks like one, too. I keep thinking back to the day she came here. Taba had just died and the ladies were still grieving. Yet, they welcomed Sue and showed her around. That was almost four years ago. Wow, how time flies.

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