Note From Ms Royal Flagship

(SNICKER) Ms Royal Flagship here to tell you what Taba Dance and I did to Jeanne today!!!! IT WAS SO FUNNY!!!!!

You see, she is trying to switch us over to the summer schedule where we stay inside out of the heat during the day and graze at night.

Not ONE of us likes the idea. The oher ladies are protesting by not eating well but Jeanne is a bit thick headed and needs EXTRA convincing.

It was sprinkling at 11 when she wanted us to come inside. WE ALL made her walk around and around the pasture to catch us each individually. Too bad she had Sadie and Mason to help, we could have had her going all day.

Oh, but it almost took all day for her to catch Taba Dance and I…well, it took hours anyway and then JEANNE didn't even catch us. She gave up…Sadie caught us.

BUT, and let this be a lesson to any human who wishes to change a mare's schedule without a written notice at least thirty days before said change is to occur, Jeanne was SOAKING WET before ANY of us was caught! HA! HA! HA!

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