New arrival: Misty

Hey all,

We have a new arrival at Our Mims Retirement Haven.

Misty is a 41-year-old (no, that is not a typo, she is really forty-one) Tennesee Walker/Saddlebred owned by Joe and Lynne Rice of Lexington, KY. Misty had been boarded by a lady for the last 23 years but the woman's health prohibted her from getting to the barn enough times per day for Misty's health so arrangements were made for the old gal to come to OMRH.

Of course, we have several obstacles to overcome. First and foremost, we were all worried about the trailer ride. Misty loaded and traveled well. She also likes her new stall. But, a change of this magnitude will be hard on her. We will have to see how she handles it. Misty is blind in her left eye and has no teeth.

Upon her arrival, we placed Misty in her stall. Then, all the ladies, one by one, came to say hello. Misty enjoyed the company of the others mares but our resident geldings were greeted with a spirited squeal and a strike, followed by a display most people only see in younger mares! Can you believe that at 41 Misty is still showing signs of cycling?

Misty spent the afternoon in her stall then at sunset we moved her to the small lot near the pasture so she would have a chance to greet people, I mean horses, over the safety fence before we let her out into the elder's pasture.

Wish us luck! We will need all we can get through the next few weeks and the upcoming winter.

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