Never Too Little

Last October, a couple from Arizona stopped by for a tour of Our Mims Retirement Haven. They had come to Kentucky for Keeneland and a random thought brought them out to see us.

I shared the Ladies’ stories. They pet each horse and fed treats and came away with a deep love for the older horses.

They had not expected to feel that deeply about it all. As we walked to their vehicle, they were quiet, consumed in thought. They picked through every pocket, through purse and wallet and brought me $15, cash money. They were embarrassed at leaving just $15.

“Just $15?” I said. “That $15 goes a long way around here. That $15 will buy three bales of straw giving three horses a soft bed to sleep on. Or it will buy some BUTE for achy joints. Maybe I will use it for a new brush to groom with. Or some soothing horse shampoo; making an old girl feel pretty. Or I could buy a few bales of hay, may they always have full tummies.”

I write this today so those who think they have nothing worth contributing, may think again. Used properly, $15 can go a long way.

It's amazing what $15 can do!

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