More storms and Smokies Love

I tucked Smokie in tonight and asked her to please hang in there a few more days. We had a terrible wind/rain storm today making it impossible for a back hoe.


I expect Smokie to leave on her own terms as that is exactly how she has lived. Smokie does what she wants, when she wants. She is very independent. So, yes, I expect to go to the barn or out to the pasture and just find her gone.

The other ladies and Barhopper are expecting Smokie to leave soon, too. SOMEONE is always by her side in the field. Tonight, Jamra REFUSED to come inside until Smokie was safely in her stall.

Remember Smokie was the one who greeted every one of them when they came here. She is our "hostess" and my last connection to the first group of old ones who came here.  She has had so many brushes with death …so many injuries and close calls.

I have lost all hope that this is just another one of Smokies' close calls. She is really going to leave us this time.

I just hope she waits until the weather breaks, so we can give her a proper burial.

No one was more surprised than I to find her still with us this morning. Things looked so bleak last night. As I brushed her tonight I asked her, begged her, to hang on just a few more days, until we have had a dry spell. I am not sure that she will.

She knows how loved she is though. I guess that's all we can really do.

Right now, she is as about as weak as a horse can be,. She isn't eating and drinking very little.

Please, GOD, just a few more days without her being in pain. Please?

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