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Dear Friends,

We don't know how you did it but our pasture is back! We are so relieved! We are sure you are all responsible. Thank you. You looked around and saw who had our grass and made them return it! Thank you.

We think it was probably a joint effort, that our pasture was divided up and sold off in parts because it returned little by little. Since, like we mentioned before, you all live all over the world, we guess that we owe many people thanks…many of you were able to recognize just small parts of our little bit of Heaven and say, "HEY, YOU PASTURE THIEF! YOU KNOW WHERE THAT PASTURE BELONGS AND WHO IT BELONGS TO. RETURN IT IMMEDIATELY!"

So thank you. Most of our pasture and all of our glorious mud has been returned. Jeanne says we have more mud than is rightly ours, we'll see. If you know someone who is missing mud, let us know. We might have it.

We are once again happy!

The Ladies

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