This entry really should have been made on September 17, the day Missy White Oak and Ms. Stalwart arrived from Ocala, Florida. But alas, with this many new horses I find myself running madly about just trying to get things done.

Anyway, these two fine ladies came to us from another rescue that must close down due to the health issues of the owner. We are PROUD to have them. Missy has impeccable manners and knows who butters her bread. She makes very sure she kisses up to me every chance she gets. Then, her head DIVES into the feed bucket. Ms. Stalwart is EXTREMELY sweet and kind. She, too, is very well mannered. Stalwart is more on the shy side. I don't mean that she is hard to catch or anythjing like that, she is just the opposite. Maybe a better description for her is humble. I can almost hear her say, "Really? Carrots for me? Oh, my!"

Our herd is adjusting but some are a bit on the wild side lately. Who can blame them? In less than two months FOUR new ladies have arrived…and, of course, we lost so many this year. 

Our barns are getting a makeover. We are painting the doors in the big barn. So far, Timeless Sue, Lotka, Taba Dance, Bel's Starlet and the Princess Royale all have freshly painted doors. When we complete that task, each door will be decorated in a manner befitting the mare's personality. We'll have the best barn in the world!  I have all the materials ready to do a major stall renovation in the small barn, too. Now, if I only had the time…lol. 

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