More about Smokie

Smokie is enjoying her mash, eating about half her normal intake… but she is eating. She isn't drinking water though. Unusual because Smokie very routinely finishes 5 gallons every night. This could be just because she doesn't like her new heated water bucket. Smokie is just about the most laid back Thoroughbred I have ever met. Nothing really bothers her, no menacingly bad habits but Smokie is VERY picky about her water bucket. Her old green one broke a while back so I put one of the spares in her stall. It was black… she took one look at it and pinned her ears at me. You have to understand. Smokie pinning her ears is equal to me passing up a free chocolate bar… it just doesn't happen.

I didn't get the hint right away so she promptly broke that bucket. I put a blue one in next. She pinned her ears and refused to drink from it. Not a drop… for over a week. She'd wait until she was let out of her stall, thank you very much.

I went out and bought a new green bucket and we solved the problem. She went back to finishing just about every drop every night.

Well, her new heated bucket, purchased purposely to encourage water intake, was quite full this morning, just as I had left it last night. I explained to her that the heated buckets were not available in green. She didn't seem to care. Tonight, we will try a heated pink bucket. The Princess has one and I'm sure she won't mind a borrow.

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