Moody Misty

HOO, but she is in a FOUL mood today! She didn't want to come in for dinner and tried to KICK Alicia! Both hind hooves off the ground about two feet and aiming to boot! Then, she wasn't the least bit impressed with her new leather halter. Maybe she is just mad because it doesn't have her name on it…I promised I would order one with her name and I plan to. The temporary halter on her head right now is because I couldn't stand looking at that nasty ol' nylon thing she came in. I swear that halter must be ten years old!

Anyway, she actually tried to BITE me when I was removing the old halter. Granted, her nose is raw where the nylon was rubbing and it is very tender but to threaten me with her two remaining teeth was uncalled for!

So, I explained the rules of the barn, again, "Misty, we have only five rules here. No kicking, No biting, eat your meals, stay out of the tack room and no running in the barn."

She looked me square in the eye and SNORTED!

Wish me luck, she still hasn't had her meds!

Iza Valentine has been racing about like she is three years old. She is still very fast and full of energy. I guess she likes the cooler weather.

Jamra has learned to open her stall door!!! I have scolded her and threatened to put an extra latch on it and still, I find her roaming about the barn when she is suppose to be in her stall.

Alabama Nana (prefers to be called "Bama") has moved out of the big barn and into the hoodlum barn next to Hana Bride. I do believe they are planning a mutiny.

Timeless Sue frolics with Iza and Jamra but spends a lot of time with Bama.

Smokie and the boys are well. Bar Hopper is picking up the weight he lost over the summer and his breathing is much easier.

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