Misty passes

It is with great sadness that we start the New Year with the loss of our dear Misty. The 41-year-old strawberry roan (Saddlebred/Tennessee Walker mix) died in her stall sometime during the night. Misty arrived at OMRH in October and quickly became our focus as she was underweight and darn upset about it. Misty instantly felt at home, preferring to be in her stall most of the time. She kept us is awe with her remarkable personality, demanding strict routine and plenty of food. We were very encouraged by her incredible weight gain; she gained almost 150 lbs on the special recipe diet of ground grain and hay.

Just last week, on Christmas Eve, Misty gave us a scare as she was down and unable to rise. Then, with something that can only be described as a Christmas miracle, Misty suddenly jumped to her feet and ran across the pasture!

Misty spent much of her time in her stall during this past week. She loved to be groomed and fussed over. Just last night, as I tucked everybody in, Misty gave me more affection than she had in all the previous days put together. I truly believe she was thanking me and saying good-bye.

Although it is always heart breaking to lose one of our dear friends, we must remember that we are a hospice for horses and have chosen to dedicate ourselves and our hearts to pampering the dear old ones during their final days, months and/or years on this Earth.

Misty left this Earth with a full belly, in a warm, clean stall and at a time of her own choosing. Upon reflection, how could we have expected any different? She was a strong willed mare with an abundance of heart.

Godspeed dear girl, we'll see you on the other side.

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