Yesterday was Missy White Oak's 21st birthday. We sang and partied with a feast of carrots.

I walked out to the pasture and yelled, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MISSY!"

Her head popped up, then everyone else's head did the same. the other ladies turned in her direction and a few gave little whinnies.

I think Ms. Royal Flagship has come to recognize the birthday song. It seems like when she hears it she gets all excited, her eyes shine and she swings her head around. I call it the "birthday dance." 

OK, so now we have to start REALLY watching the younger ladies. Both Bel's Starlet and Missy White Oak are now of legal drinking age and have a "college mentality." We could have some SERIOUS party issues in the barn. We don't have a liquor store near by but I better watch for deliveries just the same.  

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