Message from God?

God spoke to me today. He was very clear in saying I needed to take a break from my barn work. How do I know? …Let me tell you.

I had been working diligently for several hours. Pam's son, Ben, came over to help. Ben was my first message from upstairs. Ben said, "You are working too hard. Let me do this. You go take a break." 

I told Ben "no" that we would get it done twice as fast with two of us working.

So we continued on.

My tractor has been broken since last summer so we use the wheel barrel for mucking stalls. Well, we were about half way done with the chores when the tire went flat. I called Pete to the barn with the air compresser. He came up, realized the tire was off the rim and proceeded to take the darn thing apart to fix it. He took the tire and compresser back down to the house.

Meanwhile, Ben and I worked on getting the riding mower started. It has issues but it also has a little trailer thing behind it. If we could get it started, we be able to continue working.

VOILA! We got the mower started. I started to pull forward and the tire on the trailer went flat. Ben went down to the house for the compresser. We filled that tire and for reasons only explained by God himeself, Pete came back to take the compresser back to the house.

I pulled the little tractor into the small barn and started loading the trailer…you won't believe what happened next: A tire went flat on that mower. Ben went back down to the house for the compresser.  We filled the tire and checked ALL the tires. 

We finished loading the trailer and took it out to dump it. That accomplished, I left Ben to spread the nasty stuff and drove the mower through the small barn heading to the saw dust pile to load it so I could begin bedding the stalls.

The darn mower ran out of gas halfway there.

Well, GOD doesn't have to hit me over the head with a ton of bricks  (um, please God, don't get any ideas.)  I'm taking a break while Pete goes for gas. No telling WHAT would happen if I tried to drive the car myself.

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