Life Without Iza

We are adjusting to life without our Queen. I'm still a bit shaky and likely to burst into tears without warning but as the ladies get stronger, so do I.

Timeless Sue was spending a great deal of time standing in front of Iza's empty stall. Sue, Iza and Jamra were best friends. So, I moved Sue into her friend's old stall. The change in Sue has been dramatic. She has brightened considerably. Truth be told, it helps me, too. Seeing the empty stall is always so hard. 

I've also been spending a great deal of time making sure every little thing for each lady is as prefect as I can get it. Grooming sessions every afternoon, plenty of fly spray and perfectly prepared meals.

On the bright side, the new fence adding over an acre to the ladies pasture is DONE! Well, we can't paint it for a couple months and we still have old fencing to rip out but the ladies now have some very good shade!

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