Last thoughts at the end of 2004

Iza had a mild choke episode last night. Soooooo, it's soup for her from now on. She was fine at last check last night and was able to dislodge to food herself, so I am not real worried about inflammation in her pipes. But we want to avoid expensive hospital stays, so we will just take preventative measures. Iza makes her likes and dislikes very clear. She likes to be groomed, likes her blanket and LOVES men. She very much dislikes cats in her hay (refuses to eat it if there has been a cat on it). I don't think she likes cats anywhere, actually.

My Turbulent Miss looks so happy these days. She really has a spark in her eyes. I think she and Taba like being in at night. They are very eager to go out in the morning, but I really feel they are settling in. I haven't had to chase anyone since the weather got real cold, either. This week will be the test. It is suppose to be very mild, even at night, so let's see if they revert to their old ways.

I am looking for some leg warmers for Miss. I bet if we can figure out a way to keep her poor ol' knees warm, she'll be grateful.

Taba is looking a bit tired these past couple days. She was very slightly lame on our 11 degree day… arthritis, I think. She REALLY hates the frozen ground, too. But she is eating well. Taba is a lot like Mims. She makes mean faces when she isn't happy with me and can be demanding when it comes to meals being served on time. I have started using the few Spanish words I know when addressing her… muy bonita, te llamo (sp), AQUI, Senora! She gives me a look of puzzlement but responds just the same.

Jamra REALLY likes Cassidy. As long as Cassidy is with me, there is no trouble from this mare. Somehow, the old gray mare sliced up her lip. It is healing fine but she may have a scar. Jamra is extremely active and has a grand ol' time playing in the pasture… running, bucking and rearing.

Exactly So makes herself at home. She comes to the barn anytime we are there, walks directly to her stall door and waits to be let in. She loves to cuddle and cooperates with everything we ask. I swear, though, she looks like she is in foal. She has this big pot-belly.

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