Ladies Behaving Badly

OI!!!! I'm at wits end!

Ok, so technically having old horses who feel REALLY good is a wonderful idea but thats before one takes into account what happens when we combine age, wisdom and energy.

Yesterday the ladies left the barn with some extra ZIP. Pete did my morning chores and after he watched the so-called old ones kick up their hooves, he went about other barn chores.

He got back to the main barn and there was blood everywhere! He went in search of the source. He found it…Hana Bride was bleeding from her mouth. Apparently she had been kicked. When I looked I discovered that her front tooth was knocked out and she has a large hematoma on her chest.

The vet and dentist were notified. Visits should happen tomorrow.

Today was pedicure day. OH, FREAKING, MY! The ladies were absolutely LIVID at being kept inside till noon.

Timeless Sue scowled, Lotka had such a major hissy fit we had to take her into her stall, Porter danced, Taba Dance WHACKED me with her head, Hana Bride pinned her ears and refused to pick up her feet. Ms. Royal Flagship DRAGGED  me up, down and all over. Trail Guide shook, The Princess Royal REARED. Go figure, Bels Starlet behaved. Arc Bar Miss thought 3 minutes per hoof was quite long enough.

Cruella BIT ME MANY TIMES! Blue Viking passively looked into the distance while trying to launch our beloved farrier into the next realm. Ms. Stalwart was almost perfect and Missy White Oak reminded me what crash helmets are for!

The hoodlums were PERFECT!

What is going on?

Then, after the ladies were released from their "prison" they dumped the water trough AGAIN, chased the barn cats AGAIN, got into the hay room AGAIN and ransacked the straw bales I had ready to put in their stalls.

Every time I caught them they RAN RIGHT at me like they would run me down!

I'm black and blue, sore, tired and ready to go back to a safer hobby like training yearlings or jousting…

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