There comes a time in everyone's life when they have to admit that there are forces at work in which they have no say. Here at OMRH, that force is ELMHURST!

Elmhurst is the grand son of Our Mims…my best friend. Our Mims passed away in 2003 but before she left I made her a couple promises. First, that I would help older mares as much as I possibly could. That is how OUR MIMS RETIREMENT HAVEN started.

The second promise? I would look for her offspring, and their offspring, to bring them HOME, here, for me to take care of them.

When I received a phone call from Rocking Horse Ranch in California had Elmhurst and wished to share him, to get him back in the limelight, I nearly jumped out of my skin. Our board members did, too. We began preparing for the KING to come.

Elmhurst arrived in early October, 2011 and, quite quickly, took over management.

I let him though because he is a champion. He won the 1997 Breeder's Cup Sprint in amazing form, coming from last place to set a track record. Besides that, he is GORGOUS! He isn't just pretty, he is a drop dead GORGEOUS horse.

He is also quite a cuddler. He would crawl right into your lap if you'd let him. Elmhurst freely gives hugs and kisses, can't get enough of the ladies (horse and human) and would rather spend time with me than the rest of his royal subjects.

I realized, just recently, that Elmhurst has snuck some things by me…he has very skillfully acquired some pets of his own.

First, let me tell you about Rex. He was the guinea-horse to see if the ladies would tolerate a man living among them and he arrived a few weeks before Elmo.

The ladies liked him just fine and Rex is an excellent riding horse, too, so he earns his keep giving trail rides to tourists and lessons to children. I tried to put Rex in with the hoodlums but Elmo said "NO! He is my BRO and that's that!"

Sigh, Rex now resides in the stall next to Elmhurst.

Next, Elmhurst adopted one of the barn cats, Chandler Bing. Chandler is often seen on Elmo's windowsill and a few times was caught cudling up to the big man himself.

Some of you may know that I am now in the pony business with a friend of mine. We look for small ponies, buy them, retrain them to sell for "little" kids. I got the idea because we had such a hard time finding a GOOD pony for my three year old grand daughter.

(Secretly, ponies make me happy. They are almost too cute to be legal.)

Anyway, the first pony we bought is Nacho-Redman, a sweet little gelding with a heart of gold. It was love at first site for Elmo. He is so smitten with Nacho he often just whinnies and nickers if Nacho is too far out of sight.

Now Elmo just needs to come up with the funds needed to buy out my pony-partner.

Other than those new additions, you should see Elmhurst when a young female human is in his pasture. Oh, he usually trots right up to introduce himself. Just before Christmas, my daughter brought a friend up to meet him. I thought Elmhurst was going to break down his stall door to get to them! Oh, and the love-talk! He has this low, throaty thing he does… makes all the girls swoon!

Including me.

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