Just A Rescue?

She is just a rescue.

I hear it over and over again.

People look at the food we feed and remark that it isn’t outdated or bottom of the line in quality. They puzzle because we are feeding rescued horses high quality feed and treating them like they are worth millions of dollars.

Or, they simply can not believe that we treat our senior horses with such care.

Like being rescued or aged makes our mares are less worthy of proper feed. Like, just because somewhere in their lives, they were neglected and betrayed, it means our horses no longer require proper care. Or that the fact they are old means they should not get adequate care.

Countless times, visitors look at our big bag of carrots and remark those carrots must be from restaurants that could not use them because the carrots were somehow not fit for human consumption.

Um, we don’t understand.

Being a rescued animal does not mean less worthy.

Having survived means they are stronger than strong. It means they have proven they belong, that they persevered beyond expectations.

Whether you are talking about a rescued horse, or a dog, or a cat or a human or any other living being, being RESCUED shouldn’t mean less worthy of quality care. It should mean we should BOW to their superior qualities.

Being aged should never mean a compromised quality of care.

Just so we understand each other, I give utmost reverence and respect to those who have survived against the odds. Each, no matter what their species, deserve to be held in esteem.

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