Jon, dentist to the stars

Jon Jazdzewski, our equine dentist since the dawn of time, came out to the farm today. He visits twice a year. Good teeth equal healthy horses.

Just as we suspected, our newest addition, Jane Doe’s (we are just calling her that until we can figure our her true identity) mouth was a mess! Hopefully, she will be on the road to a happier, healthier life. But truth be told, Jane HATES having anyone anywhere near her mouth. HATES IT, HATES IT, HATES IT!!!

Elmhurst has been a real turd lately. But before we label him a bad boy, we must eliminate physical ailments… His teeth are not the issue, clean bill of dental health. He is running out of excuses.

The mares and Elmhurst really like having their teeth done. (Not Jane, obviously) They are NOTHING like me!

All in all, everyone did well. Just goes to show that regular dental care is a big part of longevity for horses.

Jon took care of Exciting Bucket when she first arrived.

Jon took care of Exciting Bucket when she first arrived.

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