Iza’s health and empty stalls

Iza started her B-12 shots today. I hope they work. Poor Iza is REALLY cycling! The vet says the steriods she got to boost her appetite have a LOT to do with her, um, libido issues. We will use something else next time.

We have put Iza on a Senior feed with more molasses hoping she will eat more. Just started today so it's too early to know if we can trick her into eating well.

Pam also began shaving off her thick coat. Iza didn't shed out sleek this year. She lost most of her winter coat but was still quite furry.

Pam said something outloud today…I felt it but couldn't say it. "The barn seems so empty without Jamra and 'Bama."

It does. It's awful. I have said time and time again the hard part isn't that they all will pass, it's the hole they leave behind.

I know you are probably wondering who will fill Jamra's stall. Well, for the time being, Gallpiat's Moment will live there. When he goes to Old Friends, I'll call for the next horse.

I just have to get myself to look at the list and I'll know who she is!

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