Iza is Queen

Oh, Iza is ALPHA. I don't give anyone the chance the challenge her.

She is doing well. Most of the abrasions from her struggle when she had the stroke are gone. You can see where they were, but the hair has grown back over them. She just has three spots left where we might have scars.

Her attitude towards life is something to behold. I went up to serve breakfast a half hour late this morning. Typically, when I'm late, I'm punished. I have to go looking for them. Not easy to do before the sun rises. Smokie came in right away, though. 'Bama and Hana not far behind Bars figured if they were coming in, he probably should, too.

Well, all that means Iza didn't get her breakfast first. It was in her dish first, but she didn't eat first, get the first morning hug and nose kiss. She was offended. So, I wasn't allowed to touch her this morning. Good thing she has a new container of Stud Muffins here at the house. I have some heavy duty making up to do.

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