Iza is eating!

Iza ate all her feed again today! We even added an extra meal and she ate that, too! This is her THIRD day of eating!

Even though we have regular visits at least one a year, one of the VERY first things we do when one of our ladies stops eating is call the dentist. They often lose teeth or one is just loose and bothers them. So, I called when Iza first stopped eating. Our dentist, Jon Jazdzewski, is a busy guy and we are a LONG way from most of his clients; basically, he drives over an hour to get to us…we had several schedule conflicts and finally were able to get him out here today.

Anyway, poor Iza does have a loose tooth…not loose enough to pull without causing more problems. She also has swelling in her gums. Jon thought perhaps the two things were causing her some discomfort so he gave her a good float.

He checked Smokie too. Along with Hana, Bel, Sue and Porter.

I have relayed to Iza all your prayers and messages. She really loves listening to them. I explained about Faye's stroke and how Iza was her mentor. Iza's eyes got all soft and she gave me a hug.

She really responds when I mention Jamra and how all of us miss her. I told her that more than just Pam, Cheryl and I can't handle another death so soon. I got another hug.

Keep praying, y'all.

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  1. There are no words to say how glad I am for the horses in your care, that they found you and you continue to love and care for them. I read the story of Narrow Escape at Old Friends and was appalled that a "horse person’ could really do something like that. There is a special place for you and Michael for starting thse havens. Gail

  2. Thanks, Gail. These are special beings indeed. I am honored to be allowed to spend time with them.

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