It Was Fun While It Lasted.

Jeanne will be back to the barn FULL TIME by the end of the week. No more picking on the volunteers, no more switching stalls, no more pasture changes either. We will have to stay where we belong, eat our own food and not chase the barn kitties.

Sigh, vacation is over. Its been fun, though. Elmhurst has had everyone who has stepped foot in our pasture CONVINCED he is a brute. He kicks his walls (HARD) if he doesn't get his way…they all come running giving him extra hay and attention. Poor guy, has a REAL wake up call in store for him.

Timeless Sue, of course, has been an angel, except when she doesn't want to get caught. Lotka , too. But no one quite knows what to do when Lotka is being easy going. Its too creepy.

Bel's Starlet wouldn't THINK about being a problem. She has worked very hard keeping herself a muddy mess so the volunteers have enough to do.

The Princess Royale has played her role well, too, always and forever pretending she is about to fall over from her bad knee. Oh, but then after treats, she canters off with ease!

Trail Guide has been taking care of poor Hana Bride. Hana has a sinus infection and is on antibiotics. Whenever someone is sneaking up on Hana to give her medicine, Trail Guide promptly warns her just in time for Hana to get away.

Ms. Royal Flagship has been stuck so close to Elmhurst, you'd think they were joined at the hip so you KNOW what she has been doing.

Cruella simply stands and concentrates of trying to shed out her long, wooly coat. MIND OVER MATTER! It is working.

Blue Viking tries endlessly to get into everyone else's stall. Silly girl, she gets fed more than anyone but she just has to see what is in all the other dishes.

Ms. Stalwart has had fun, too. She is very good at making sad faces in order to entice extra treats. And Missy White Oak sails in on her coat tails to reap the rewards.

Taba Dance? Oh, Taba Dance, you say… well only little Kaylee Brooke (4 years old) can catch her.

Yup, changes are in the air. Hopefully, things will get back to what ever it is Jeanne calls normal.

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