How are we doing?


If you're reading this blog (and, obviously, you are), we'd like to know about it.

Is it important for Jeanne to let you know some of the day-to-day stories of the horses and people involved with the Haven? Would you like to hear more? Hear less? Find out something different about us?

We just want to make sure there is someone out there listening to us and reading this blog.

See that "Add Comment" section below? Please use it and let us know: How are we doing?

8 Comments On “How are we doing?”

  1. Jeanne – I LOVE your stories – the more the better 🙂 I’ve been reading your blog since I discovered it after our 4H group visited you several years ago when we were in Louisville for Nationals. The blog & your stories bring smiles, sometimes a few tears & always, always a lot of admiration for your dedication to the "ladies" …. and now the "king" as well. I sure hope one of these days I can make another trip to visit

  2. More More More! I look forward to hearing about the Ladies , Elmo, Hoodlums, Ponies..and their everyday antics! Being that I live so far away, it is the next best thing to being there!

  3. I tried to add a comment on my BB, but it doesn’t look like it went through. But, yes, I definitely enjoy hearing and reading about what is going on at Our Mims…I check several times a week for an update. I hope all the ladies and Elmo [including his new ‘harem’ of ponies, cats and guinea horses] are doing well…

    I hope you continue the webpage – it’s great to hear how everyone is doing – more pictures would be even greater!!!

  4. I read all the time. Halters?

  5. Gail, I’ll be starting up the eBay auctions with halters from the ladies and other horses in the next week.

  6. Love the blog, love the horses! I have been interested in horse racing since I was ten years old, and have grown up with them.
    Hopefully I can someday come down and visit!
    I currently have five horses (we had seven, but lost Mac at age 36 on May 29 and Roany at age 16 on December 18). They are 23-year-old Tony, 22-year-old Buster, 12-year-old Rooster, and 11-year-olds Red and Dusty. Although none of them are Thoroughbreds, I would love to someday rescue a TB.

    Best Wishes!

  7. I read at least once a week. I find all of the stories to be quite touching.

  8. I check your website a couple of times a week for updates and would love to see them more frequently. Especially now that the King is in residence! I laugh, I cry…it helps me to feel I’m there even though I live in another state. God bless you for all you do for the horses.

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