Hoodlum trouble!

THOSE HOODLUMS ARE IN SO MUCH TROUBLE! Ever since they tore the small barn apart I banished them to hoodlum field. Not my sweet Moon Shadow and Secret Mission, they're still up front. But Twobits, Taps and Whitney are banished. Pam's horses have access to that field sometimes through her back gate; they're classified as hoodlums, too.

Last night Pete is at the barn taking care of all the horses. It's after dark when he calls on my cell. "There are two babies [he meant young hoodlums] here at the barn. The electric fence is down. It's dark, and the rest of the hoodlums could be anywhere!" (This is the point of time in the horror film where the music builds up but you can almost hear heavy breathing or footsteps behind you!)

I called Pam's for help. The hoodlums had gone to her place for dinner. Two of her young ones came to our place… Moon's foal from April and her yearling filly.

So the horse exchanges were made, temporary fence repairs done after dark, more permanant repairs done today but GEEZ. When will those hoodlums grow up?

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