Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving from our barn to your home!

We are grateful for our many friends.

Blue Viking is especially thankful for the kindness each of you bestow.

Missy White Oak is grateful for that, too, because as long as Blue is happy, the barn is happy.

Elmhurst says the cool weather makes him extra joyful! He is so happy he is unable to contain himself. (And apologizes in advance for any trouble this might cause)

Jo Jo is grateful for life. She reminds us all to never give up. No matter how bad things may seem, love is just around the corner.

Dogwood Patty and Exciting Bucket are thankful for their families. Nothing matters more than knowing you are loved.

Ms. Royal Flagship is thankful for her new pretty blanket. It fits just right and just the style she was hoping for.

Trail Guide is thankful for friends. She understands the power of love can bring someone out of darkness and make them want to celebrate.

Play Book can’t believe she is so lucky! Happiness abounds!

Braggin Rights looks back at the last year in awe. She wants you to know you are cherished.

We are all still on cloud nine over our film, ONE DAY and all the incredible people who worked so hard to make it happen.

We hope each of you have a wonderful day.

One Comment On “Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. I am thankful that Exciting Bucket has such a wonderful “forever home”. The opportunity to be connected to OMRH has given my heart time to heal after the lose of my Father, for that…I am forever thankful and grateful.

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