Hanging with the hoodlums

OK, you all know about my hoodlum herd… those less demure equines who always manage to get into trouble, destroy something or cause trouble in one way or another? Well, the hoodlums were at it again. They unplaced several fence parts and managed to take the back gate down completely. This means, of course, they were in with the ladies.

Pete had been busy with his mom so was unable to help me fix it right away. Thankfully, the head hoodlum, Whitney Rose, behaved herself and no one got hurt. Another blessing, her sidekick of a colt, Taps, really enjoyed the crowd. Panda and Secret, the yearlings, who were probably directly responsible for the downed gate ransacked the barn several times a day. I keep hoping they grow out of their destructive ways.

Anyway, now that the stage is set I'll tell you that although the hoodlums ANNOYED the beegeesies out of the ladies by running in the barn aisle, playing with the hose, getting into the wash bucket, etc, the ladies were remarkably tolerant, Oh, they gave me looks like, "Can't you just hire someone to fix that gate?" and "We were never that mischievious. DO SOMETHING!"

Several days ago, a very disturbing thing happened. The whole herd was grazing just over the rise and the ladies, upon hearing the back door, began their trek to the barn… without Hana Bride. I nearly panicked! I thought, "Hana always hangs with Iza and Jamra! Something terrible must have happened!"

I ran through the pasture and low and behold, Hana is hanging with the hoodlums; won't give the time of day to the "old" ladies.

I felt the need to act fast. A lovely lady was about to be corrupted. Pete fixed the gate and we once again had the pastures and horses separated.

Yesterday morning we found Hana in the back field with the hoodlums. Apparently she is a jumper.

So, I guess it is plain to see, Hana Bride is a hoodlum.

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