Hana Bride and the Princess Royale

GEEZ LOUISE! Both Hana and Princess are off their feed. Doc will be out this afternoon to oil and perhaps otherwise medicate. Its been cold but everyone has heated water buckets, heated troughs and warm blankets. I sure hope this winter weather lets up soon. This is turning into a very unusual season.

If I haven't said so lately, thank you to all who send their hard earned money to help feed the ladies. We have several regular donors who send frequently and several new donors as well. We are blessed to call you friends.

We need every dollar we can get because our feed just went up another $1.50 a bag! When I first started buying this stuff I paid $9.95 a bag. It has gone up steadily and in the past year the cost has risen more that $3 a bag! Scary times. How high will it go?

The frustrating part of all this is that feed prices are rising, not because of supply/demand, they are going up because whoever is in charge of the Commodities is speculating a rise in cost…or something like that. Tell you what, If the ladies and I ever get our hands/hooves on that guy, he'll be in TROUBLE. There is no feed shortage. There wasn't really a problem with the crops that create the ingredients in our feed. Horses all over the USA will go hungry because some guy(s) in a suit(s) say so.

Someone ought to tell the buggers that they are creating problems.

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  1. Happy New Year to all the ladies of Our Mims!!! We enjoyed visiting you all in November and are hoping to be back in May to see you all again. You are very special.

  2. Sweet Becky! We can’t wait to see you again!

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