Grooming session

I spent HOURS just grooming this evening. Everyone stood so quietly and seemed to enjoy the massage. Taba and Turbulent Miss are funny. They look at me when I am not looking at them… If I catch them, they quickly turn away. I know they are showing me they are submissive… Deep down, I hate to see that. I don't want them to show dominance but I do want them to feel comfortable enough to look me in the eye.

They'll come around.

Jamra and Iza Valentine feel all knowledgeable. Jamra struts into the barn and shows her friends around. Iza cracks me up… She pretends (and believe me, it is all an act) she doesn't want attention but HEAVEN FORBID someone else gets any.

Exactly So is probably the friendliest of them all. She watches for me, greets me, and absolutely LOVES being inside. I suspect some Cushing's disease, though. I am hoping the others start eating better. They don't really care for the grain… while they are inside, anyway. I really want them to eat inside because then I know everyone is eating… so I refuse to field feed. Right now, everyone but Exactly So is refusing to eat inside.

We will have to see who is more stubborn, me or them.

I put Taba and My Turbulent Miss in the stalls at the end of the barn. With only wooden fence between them, they can still nuzzle and touch. Jamra is in Hope of Glory's stall… um, she picked it, I didn't. I am wondering about her… She certainly thinks very highly of herself. I bet she thinks she has a stakes winner on the ground.

Iza Valentine is across the barn aisle from Jamra, second stall on the left. She was funny when we brought her inside the first time. I walked her up to the stall, she looked at the name… hers, of course, and pranced in…

Exactly So is in Mims' and Sugar's stall.

Anyway, I hope our new girls are as content as I am.

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