Grieving over Taba

Taba's death has been especially hard for me. I feel I failed her as I wasn't with her when she passed. The only comfort I have is that I really believe Mr. Gaines was with her… I know she was a favorite of Mr. Gentry's. I keep thinking Mr. Gaines needed a fast ride to Heaven.

My neighbor came by with a back hoe today, and we buried Taba next to Hopey.

My Turbulent Miss is beside herself with grief. It actually sounds like she is wailing, sometimes. Her illness has taken a lot out of her. She is weak anyway, sometimes staggers a bit when she walks. I don't know what will happen with her. In the past, it has helped to move the best friend into the stall of the horse who has passed. I did that tonight and put Iza in Miss' stall. But, when I left the barn a few minutes ago, everyone was still very upset.

Iza Valentine isn't eating, no hay, no grain, she won't even graze. I saw her drink some water, though. Exactly So is glued to Miss's side and Jamra is running madly back and forth between Iza, Miss and the new foal on the farm. I'll have to sedate her if things don't change tomorrow. She was all lathered today.

These mares are/were so close. I knew the first passing would be very difficult but did not expect this degree of visible grief. It is heartbreaking to watch.

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