“Good night” – Haven-style

I just came down from an evening check on things. The sun had already set but the stars hadn't come out yet. Fireflies were everywhere and kind of looked like stars twinkling. I went through the back yard gate and saw Chief first. Chief likes to be noticed and talked to but doesn't really care for petting and kisses. He always gives me a friendly chortle, though, so I responded back with a "hello" and "goodnight" and moved along. Barhopper quickly walked up for a hug followed by Timeless Sue, Smokie's Love and Exactly So. I gave each a hug and made them promise to keep themselves safe through the night. It is lovely the way they each come up to me, get their hug and move along.

Iza Valentine, Jamra and Hana Bride were up on the ridge beautifully silouetted against the the darkening sky. Sigh, what a sight. Iza and Jamra are taking good care of our new addition. Jamra made friends first then Iza decided NO ONE ON THIS EARTH was going to upset our Hana. Each mare walked up to me in turn. Iza LOVES her evening hug. She stood so perfectly still as I ran my hands over her looking for boo-boos. Then, she asked for a good face rubbing. As soon as I was done with her, I moved on to Jamra… who, by the way, seems very concerned that Hana gets a proper amount of attention.

Jamra enjoyed a quick pat or two but then walked over to Hana.

I can take a hint. I walked over, too, and while Jamra watched carefully, I did the full boo boo inspection on Hana.

Hana Bride is accepted into the herd. Good news all the way around.

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